Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thank you all so very much for Lily Mae's shower It was so beautiful, and the weather, well we couldn't ask for a more perfect day weather wise.

Oh my goodness!!!! The gifts kept coming and coming, & coming. I really enjoyed opening all these wonderful gifts, I will have a blast dressing Lily Mae in all her new outfits!

Well here we are, but not all of us, Lily we will be there soon!! Bradley so sorry you are not here with us, We are so grateful for you serving our country and you are to be honored! I do have to say a huge part of my heart is in Iraq... You are so missed! I missed laughing uncontrolble with you, especially when we turned on the hot water while Andrew was in the shower and he started yelling...HEY TURN THE WATER OFF, I am cracking up right now. I miss ya babe, mommadonna loves ya!

Hey girl, my dear friend for? Well forever really... thank you for being my friend I love ya bunches! Hey do you like my glasses, I mean the style ahhahaha. Don't ever forget the Thornton beam dance and all the great times together, life has been a blast with you! Lily will have a blast with her Aunt Sandra Dee! I am so glad that the Sunkist soda is in the picture however the payday candy bar is not, but then again it is not morning time either!

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Brad said...

hey love you all blog looks great bye