Sunday, November 05, 2006

Now this is Lily Mae's BIG (GI JOE) brother. ( Lily talking) Well here goes my mom openingly bragging about Bradley...Again, she loves her children so much and I can not wait to be apart of that. This is Bradley and we are so proud of him, he truely is a soldier and a handsome one at that, and to think he has NEVER had a girlfriend (not that he doesn't like girls) but he is waiting for God to put before him the young lady he is to marry, and chooses to wait till the day he gets married to have his first kiss... HE IS SO AWESOME! Bradley we love you dearly! The dresses you sent for Lily Mae are to die for, I will be posting them. Wish you were here. We will actually be real close to you when we go to China, I will see If I can not call George and catch a ride on Air Force One to Iraq, and come and visit... Now you know I would if there was even a remote chance I could! Love ya babe, mommadonna

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pamspeck said...

What a HANDSOME soldier! Thanks Bradley for everything that you are doing. I think of you often and pray for you when I do!
Everything here in southern Indiana is good. Sarah and Fred are both busy with school. Amy's photography business is thriving. Nathan is growing, acting like a boy (he climbs up on everything and jumps off), and he repeats everything that anyone says to him.
I hear that you will be home sometime in February? Can't wait to hear all of your stories.
Take Care, Pam Speck