Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Big brother Brad meets Lil' sister Lily Mae for the first time February 24th...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We're having issues updating this blog from China... Please use the following link to access our trip to get Lily...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

THIS IS LILY MAE'S ROOM... I did not see them on the blog anymore and Jeff is gone I know that I have done something wrong to lose them on the blog so here goes, it is 1:06am and I have to be up by4:30 I do not think I am going to sleep, oh well...who needs it anyhow!!! cause we are getting a little girl!!!!

We are on our way we leave at 10:38 am Wednesday, We will recieve her next Monday the 13th We can't wait to hold her, what a sweet face, God Love her and of course to
God Be The Glory!!!

Here is our precious kitchen, it will be fun to cook with Lily Mae!
I can not wait to take her out in her snow suit and let her run and play!!

Below is where my sewing machine usually sits, )But we had just had company so it was all cleaned up!) so that is where Lily Mae will learn to sew, I used to make little doll clothes and hopefully she will too!

And of course the bread our biggest weakness, but oh how good it is, It will be so fun to have Lily Mae sit in her highchair and watch me bake bread, then eventually teach her the tricks of the trade! I can not wait to watch her take her first bite of warm bread freshly grinned from home!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Thankgiving Day at the Danglers (we arrive home the day before Thanksgiving)

We collect old postcards and place them on the plates and we each will read the one we recieve this is an awesome idea, and it is very entertaining to see how people spoke sometimes one hundred years ago.

This is our kitchen where Lily Mae and the family will have our meals, I still need to get her cushions made for her highchair, never enough time! We can not wait to have Lily at the table!

See the apron, Lily will get one soon I LOVE to wear my apron I wear one everyday! I can not imagine a day with out it. The best thing to an apron your clothes stay dry during dishes and everything you pick up goes right in the pocket, so if I ever get on Lets Make a Deal... I can rest asure you that I WOULD WIN!!

This is our Living Room, we love the bay window!

Here is the other end of the living room, we love to build a fire in the winter, especially when it is snowing and sit around and read story, We can not wait to have Lily Mae be apart of our little tradions. We LOVE the Country life!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

These are the most beautiful dresses! Lily Mae's Big Brother, Bradley sent them from Kuwait! When he told me he was sending her Indian dresses (2) I thought what is she going to do with Indian dresses (I was thinking American Indian) Sometimes I can be clueless!! Bradley these will be so fun to put on Lily Mae! Thank You darling. Might I add that boy can shop! With Lily Mae wearing these dresses people are going to think she is royalty, then they will see her country bumkin momma and realize they IS from Corydon, IN. population 85!