Saturday, November 04, 2006

I just can not believe how beautiful her room has turned out, I absolutely love the color
choices, Sandy made NOT that I made.
Lily's Aunt Kathy is going to make her curtains we are so excited about getting them hung up when we return. In order to get my Aunt Kathy to make them I had to name Lily Mae after her, at least that's what I told Kathy, hopefully she will never know the difference...
Kathleen Bernadette & Lily Mae do you all see the correlations? Shshshshsh hopefully she wont notice ahahhaha

Thanks to my uncle Bobby I was able to have such Beautiful furniture for Lily Mae, what a terrific Blessing. I could not have asked for prettier furniture!!

Checkout her bedding!!!! It is just perfect for her!! Thank you Aunt Sandy for the crib and the bedding, It is absolutely PERFECT!!! I must say that lavendar is such the color for her I love pink but for some reason everything I am choosing is turning to lavendar and green.
JUST SO PEACEFUL LOOKING!! I will say too that I put a egg grate on her bed and with the soft sheets I may never get her out of bed. But she deserves an awesome bed, no telling what she has been sleeping in for the last year, but all of that is just about to change. And I must give credit where credit is do!!!! PRAISES TO GOD AND MAY GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

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